Jr. Administrator / Help Desk Technician

Company Name:
Ashley Furniture
Job Summary: This position will perform a variety of development activities related to web, client server, maintenance, software installation, end-user support, and training tasks to ensure development activities meet company and user requirements. May participate in general IT / infrastructure activities with other staff members.
Development Responsibilities:
Assumes responsibility for ongoing applications and data support
Maintains confidentiality with regard to the information being processed, stored or accessed by the end-users on the network.
Furniture software maintenance and new user access (profit )
MAC (Move Add Changes)
Work with the end users to resolve software issues
Key fob /Keri system maintenance
Traffic flow maintenance
Alarm contact and user administration
Copier/printer administration and maintenance
Network (low voltage) cable terminations
Address all Hardware user issues at all sites
Shoretel Phone System:
Oversight of entire system function/integrity and layout
Up keep of Phone Layout
Request for vendor changes to ext name
Request for vendor to reset ext passwords
Upkeep of number blocks and ext assignments
Administering Dial Out Codes
Administer user access
Regular audits
Common Responsibilities:
Take care of all customers through direct action or indirectly by assisting others.
Work with other employees to attain company goals.
Participate in focus group, safety, and other location meetings.
Recommend other employees for commendation for achievement.
Report violations of company policies and the misappropriation of company assets.
Perform other related duties as assigned.

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