Research Scientist. NPAC

Chromocell Corporation is seeking an experienced Natural Product Scientist with a strong background in chemistry of plant natural products, natural product isolation and small molecules characterization to join the Natural Product and Analytical Chemistry department and support ongoing Flavors based discovery and development programs. This position will also require managing and mentoring junior team member(s) and will regularly interface with scientists in analytical, automation, database and cell assay groups as well as project leads to ensure timely completion of client program deliverables.
The candidate will be responsible for sourcing, conceptualizing,designing, and performing experiments on biomass, including: biomass selection (deep understanding of metabolic pathways is a must), extraction, isolation/purification of the individualcomponents of the extracts, and analysis of the extract's composition.
She/he will leverage their primary responsibility using a multitude of analytical techniquesincluding but not limited to solution state NMR, prep HPLC, GC-MS, LCMS, LCMS/MS, etc.
As a scientist leader, the candidate will be interfacing with junior team members, and will train and mentor these team members in either a direct or indirect reporting structure.
Maintains research notebooks and raw data sheets in a well-organized manner. All necessary documentation is recorded.
Supports database managers in regularly uploading scientific data to the corporate database.
Complies with all safety rules, practices good housekeeping, and maintains safe workplace without supervision. Other duties as required.
Ideal candidates for this position will hold a M.S. in Chemistry and 5-7 years of industry experience with an emphasis in chemistry of plant natural products, natural product isolation and characterization (deep understanding of metabolic pathways is a must).
Experience in the flavors areas is a strong plus.
Strong working knowledge ofseveral pertinent scientific techniques and associated instrumentations including various forms of spectroscopy, chromatography.
Successful candidate will have strong independent and critical thinking skills along with a willingness to learn about new areas of research.
Individuals with strong interpersonal skills and experience working in interdisciplinary teams, particularly those with project and/or people management experience will be given preference.
Candidates who have demonstrated effective written and/or verbal comm

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